Suzuki Jimny Fleets

Some people like having more than one.

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Want to know who would actually buy a whole Jimny fleet? Scroll to the bottom of the page to read about it!

We've been inspired from some of the stories we hear (thanks Alen from Croatia), and the Jimnys we see around our little town, to include a directory of businesses that use a Jimny fleet.

Bek thinks company badging looks cute on a Jimny.

If you're a fleet manager, or an employee who uses the Jimnys, just tell us about your company and why Jimnys were chosen.
Don't forget the pictures!

We also suggest having the Author Name as something like "Mike from X Company", and the Location as the business address (include suburb, city, state, country).

Remember that you are representing your company to people who love character - so show some personality and a story or two!

Jimny Fleet 'Meet and Greet'

Do you have a business that owns a Jimny fleet? Expose yourself!

Your submission takes up to 24 hours to upload, and comments take up to half an hour.

The Fleets

Check out these Jimny-lovin companies...

Blue Car Rental - Iceland 
Blue Car Rental is a young, family owned car hire company in Iceland that offers a wide range of rental vehicles, including a fleet of 20 Suzuki Jimny's. …

Active Tree Services 
I contacted Active Tree Services after seeing an ATS Jimny around town. Above is the photo on the day, and below is a summary of a chat I had with one …

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