Weigh your Camping Check List

Don't know how heavy your camper or trailer is when it's packed?

Not sure if your Jimny can go camping or on ferries with all that weight?

Use the Camping Check List scales (if you have Flash player) by:

  • giving your car's towing capacity,
  • creating and Approving your list title
  • then Add items with weights to your list, and see how the Jimny travels.
  • A Delete button at the top of your camping supply list will remove items.
  • Add your camper/trailer if you're towing it!

Feel free to share your list by clicking "Copy List" and adding it to "Your Camping List" below the game.

Click "Print List" to have your clean list in a new page (works best in Firefox, IE or Safari). Then select "File" and "Print" in your browser toolbar to print.

Add Your Camping List

Played the game?
Tell us what you packed!

Just click on the blue "Copy List" button in the game, and paste the list into the 'Camping List' box below.

Copy the title of your camping list into the Title box below.

Of course, feel free to add any other thoughts to the 'Camping List' text box :)

This way you can:

  • help others with their list,

  • see who can pack the most with the least weight,

  • come back and print off your list if you lose it.

It takes a day for your camping packing list to go live, 20 minutes for comments thereafter.

Jimny Payloads

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