Installing the Infant Car Seat
(forward facing)
in the Suzuki Jimny

How to Install the Forward Baby Seat

This install is a lot simpler than the rearward-facing install, however we've decided to add the details of the install here just in case people might be confused.
Remember that all baby car seats/capsules require the car's standard seat belt and an anchor point behind the seat.
The Jimny's anchor point is on the plastic lower lip in front of the rear door (see the rearward infant car seat install).

Step 1:
From the rear door of the Jimny, slide the baby seat over a folded backrest, then with the baby seat facing forward, place onto the other rear passenger seat as pictured.

Step 2:
Pass the seat belt through the back of the infant car seat and insert into the buckle.

Step 3:
Place the rear anchor belt over the back of the capsule/seat and clip into the anchor lug behind. Tension the belt and the baby capsule/seat is securely held in place.

Whether or not you leave the headrests on is optional - however in our family we often need the extra space by folding the backrest, so that headrest stays off.

Loading the Baby

As shown below, the front seat is pushed forward all the way. There is plenty of room to pass the baby through the door and into the infant car seat.
Also the front seat makes a fantastic support to lean against while manoeuvring the baby in an out of the car.

We feel that the height of our Suzuki 4WD makes it easier for us to put the baby in, compared to other two door vehicles. Much less stooping and bending.

Pictured below is the baby's leg room once the front seat is all the way back. The baby is approximately 75-80cm.

We also added a toy strung up between the car's grab handles ('assist grips' according to the manual) above the rear seats, purely for the photo.

We would actually recommend using elasticated material and have the toys high enough that the baby needs to pull them down to play with them, due to the risk of having toys hit the face when doing hill climbs and dougheys.

So do you think the pram can fit as well?

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