Why hire a Suzuki Jimny
for your holiday?

The Jimny is often described as a fun ride, having heaps of personality. Hiring one on holiday is the perfect way to get to know it, but there are some criteria you need to satisfy before you are worthy of hiring a Suzuki Jimny:

  • You have minimal luggage.

  • You are a minimal family.

  • You want to be able to park anywhere, and go anywhere.

  • You want to save money, by hiring the smallest car you can.

What does this mean?

Minimal luggage

You may use the Jimny for day trips only, and get a larger car (or public transport/taxi) for airport/train transfers,
you only pack the bare minimum into soft bags (not cases) that you can stuff into whatever space exists in the Jimny.

Minimal family

You can have a maximum of two adults in the front, and two children (even in infant car seats or booster seats) in the back, and then have only day packs in the foot wells and the rear storage. This means you are restricted to short trips due to the limited payload.
Yes four adults do fit, but the taller they are, the sadder they'll be.

Park anywhere, go anywhere

With the Suzuki Jimny you can fit into all the smaller car spaces, move nimbly among the traffic, and show off your small turning circle which is very useful for busy tourist spots.

You are not restricted to the bitumen - you can ride the sand dunes, mount the curb, go offroad just to have a closer look at that hill over there...whenever the mood strikes (and the road rules allow).
This is why the Jimny is fun! One minute you are hooning around the city, next you're out in the bush, with only a little bit of car between you and the outdoors.

Smaller, cheaper car

Smaller cars have better fuel economy in general, and the Jimny is rugged and cheap to buy, making it a relatively cheap hire for car rental companies.
Leaving you more cash for the holiday experience itself!

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