Installing the Infant Car Seat/Capsule
(rearward facing for newborns)
in the Suzuki Jimny

Equipment required for the baby seat install:

All baby capsule/seats require the car's standard passenger restraint belt and an anchor point behind the seat.
The Jimny's anchor point is behind the rear seats, on the plastic lip that the door closes and seals against.

Note the anchor belt (in front of the blue bag) attached to the anchor lug and screw at one of two anchor points.  The other anchor point is in front of the black bag.

A new Jimny will roll out of the showroom with two anchors standard with neat (car journalists would say crude) little plastic snap lock covers to protect plastic bags and luggage from catching and tearing.

They are terrible and lasted one trip in my brand new car, after which I tossed them thinking "never gonna need these things".
All new baby capsules include the anchor lug and screw, otherwise baby and department stores sell them for about $20 each.

Familiarise yourself with your baby capsule/seat, whether it's an inherited seat or brand new, a basic set of instructions will be on the capsule frame or label showing how to recline into the rear facing infant position. This is easiest done outside the vehicle on a firm dry surface.

Step by Step: How to install a rear-facing infant car seat in the Jimny

The baby car capsule will be installed behind the front passenger - see Step 5 for the reason!
The hardest part of the install is getting the seat belt through under the bum of the capsule - see Step 4 - between the hard frame and soft cushiony material, so check it out and practice passing your hands under the cushion.

Step 1:
Recline baby car seat to the rear facing layback position.

Step 2:
Fold down the passenger backrest behind the driver's seat. This allows plenty of room to manouvre the infant car seat into position.  We also removed the rear headrests.

Step 3:
From the rear door of the Jimny, slide the baby seat/capsule over the folded backrest, then with the baby seat facing the rearward, place onto the other rear passenger seat as pictured.

Step 4:
Extend the passenger restraint belt out of the retractor, estimate the amount you will need, if you extend the whole lot out, its no big deal its easier to take it back after the belt plugs in.
Pass the belt buckle through the cushion as practiced, and fasten the buckle. Pull the slack back and the seat will be in place.

Step 5:
Through the passenger door with seat reclined, adjust the rear anchor belt out until it can reach over the seat and clip into the anchor lug. A shuffle between passenger door and rear door is needed, until the belt is tensioned and the baby capsule/seat is securely held in place.

Note the front passenger seat is reclined against the infant car seat!

This is where the Jimny gets bragging rights again!

Recline the front passenger seat into the baby capsule/seat and although the front seat won't recline all the way back, the semi reclined passenger seat locks the baby seat into place and eliminates the sideways movement that can occur in full size cars.
Five stars on this compromise! You can't fit your tall friends in your front seat anymore, but they know there is more room in the back anyhow.

Note that Mum is 160cm tall, and the passenger seat is reclined hard up against the baby seat.

By the way, you need never move that front passenger seat, as we show you two ways to load the baby into the infant car seat in the Jimny.

Baby growing up fast? Check out the forward-facing baby seat installation.

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