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Jimny and Sierra play-date.

I'm sure anybody with children knows how dirty and messy the family car can get!

Well 'dirt' is Jimny's middle name ("bring it" is an alternate pronounciation).

Can you tell how proud we are of our own mini 4WD?

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My Other Car is a Jimny

Or a Sierra, or a Samurai, or an LJ or SJ or...

Me and Jimny 
Absolutely love my Jimny. He is the man in my life and we share great times. Sad I know but he is so much fun. We also suffer with the dreaded steering …

2009 Jimny and Tiny Rough Roader 
My wife and I traveled from Pretoria to Cape Town which is roughly 1 500Km one way for a 2 week holiday during February 2016. The Jimny is my wife's runaround …

My 2008 Jimny 
I drove my Jimny out of the showroom late in 2008 and haven't looked back. Since then I have put 105,000 on the clock, added some modifications and …

Me, Jimny and 5 km/h crash 
I use Jimny for work and moving over numerous type of terrain. In this 4 years of driving Jimny`s I have been at many hard-to-get places where no car or …

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