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In 2010 the Suzuki Jimny turned 40. Ok it wasn't the Jimny all those years - it was the Sierra before that, Samurai before that, and so on.

We started this site to celebrate our Jimny - as a couple we travelled all around Australia in it, skull-dragging a trailer before settling down to have our first child.

But we couldn't find anything on the internet about Jimnys and baby car seats! Only a few comments in forums advising people to upgrade...

Well we love our Jimny too much and haven't brought ourselves to upgrade!

So our trials and experiences are now documented to help you out.
We hope it gives you a laugh, and you might learn a new thing or two. Your contributions and suggestions are welcome!

If you also have a tiny tank please let us know about your family experiences, even if you don't specifically have a Jimny...

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And click on the link if your tiny tank happens to be a Jeep - an American Icon.

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