Me, Jimny and 5 km/h crash

by Alen
(Zagreb, Croatia)

I use Jimny for work and moving over numerous type of terrain. In this 4 years of driving Jimny`s I have been at many hard-to-get places where no car or human will ever be and had many great memories and just a few bad (like a car crash while driving only 5 km/h).
We have 6 Jimny`s in our company and it is really great car for off-road driving because he is so narrow and it can drive through any better skidding track. Only downsides of him is that he is little uncomfortable for 2,5 or more hour trip (mainly because my height of 190 cm).

About a crash: it was sunny morning and my colleague and I have doing some forest measurements. But one of instruments stopped working and I went to car for another. While doing that, I have seen some track through field. I took the car to get closer to my colleague by that track, but because of sun shining in my face and high grass I haven`t seen that I am driving by stream bank. In one moment the bank has crushed, and car started to fall sideways. It wouldn`t be such a great damage, but it hit in the cut stump, and car fell on the roof in the stream. And there I was, upside down, water coming inside through crushed windows, with whole my life passed before my eyes in second, when I remember that the stream is only 10 cm deep :).
After that (as you can see in one of the pictures), my other colleague with other Jimny and the dragging service has been stucked, too. So, I had to go to nearby village and find someone with the tractor to pull us all out…

This is only small proportion of pictures of „our“ adventures.

I am glad that I have found your site to share some of the adventures.

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Oct 22, 2015
"Ahhh Crap"
by: Igor

G'day Jimny lovers! I found your site a month ago when I bought my used Jimny and was amazed how well you ended up after your crash in the little Zooky and I felt safe knowing how much abuse can she take without endangering the occupants. Here is my story ... As I mentioned before I got a used 2000 Jimny a month ago after I sold my Samurai which I adored but had to sell is because of the rust that attacked it. Figured I sell it add a bit more money and my myself Jimny since I claim that they are equally good cars. Anyway ... I a month after I got it I was driving home with my girlfriend and a kilometer from home my Jimny slipped on a greasy road and I lost control... First I went on the other side of the road heading straight for the dirt but managed to avoid it and get back to the "right" side of the road. Still out of control I was slipping at about 5-10 km per hours towards a ditch next to the road I know what was going to happen. I just said to my girlfriend "Ahh Crap" and my Jimny went slo-mo in the ditch. Thankfully both of us where wearing seat belts and werent hurt but I feld terrible as my "new" Jimny was now laying on the side in the ditch... Thankfully the damage is not beyond repair and it could have ended very had if a car was going the opposite way so with a bruised wallet I expect to be back on the road in a month or so. By the way I think Alan from Croatia worked in a company 2 streets from me. A few months ago I went by their parking lot and was amazed of all the Jimnys in once place. They now sold their Jimny fleet and only kept a black one which will probably get very abused :) I can send you pics of my crash if you guys want so you can see :) Thanks Igor from Croatia

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