Exhaust Upgrade Dyno Results

OK the results are in and.... well I'm a little let down by the outcome.
I'm not sure what I thought I had to offer against a car manufacturer who has 40 years experience in making the best 4WD in its class.
I will add up the cost later.
Lets talk about the positives first:
My exhaust manifold certainly looks the business...

After the extractors had been installed:
I felt the engine was breathless and laboured, fuel economy was a little worse, the exhaust note had not changed and worst of all,
the car still slowed up hills in 5th gear.

The Dyno confirmed the worst:
Down 6hp to 70.5hp, not a great result, but I had not finished yet.

After the whole exhaust was replaced:
The engine is free reving, fuel economy was back to the original consumption levels, it sounded great (not too loud as instructed), I felt any losses in hp were regained and then some more,
but it still would not climb hills without losing speed.

Unfortunately a Dyno does not lie...

As I said earlier, I'm a little disappointed.
Losing hp never even entered my thought process, I felt spending money on a moderate engine upgrade was sure to prove a result
When starting with only 76hp it makes it even worse to return a 6hp loss!

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