How Do You Pack A Family Into
A Suzuki Jimny?

Answer:  Get everyone to take their hats off.

Were you enjoying the 4WD lifestyle?

You probably bought a Suzuki Jimny, or some other small 4WD jeep, thinking you could hoon around the city - parking in all the small spots - and torque your way up vertical goat tracks in the bush, maybe even skull-dragging a trailer.

Your 'baby' was the car, and you loved it because it was all heart, a tiny tank, a little toughie.

So what happens when you have a real baby on the way?

Some of you think it's time to upgrade the car - you need to fit the baby seat, pram, nappy bag, toys, your shopping, and in-laws somewhere amongst available space. 
Not to mention that the Suzuki Jimny doesn't win any awards for comfort. 
Nope, your beloved mini SUV's got to go.  There's no way you can have a baby and a Jimny!... Or can you?

We're here to let you know that we've done it!!

Our family review of the Suzuki Jimny

We'll show you how we live as a mini SUV family - from installing the infant car seat, trying to be fuel efficient, holidaying with a camper trailer, and doing the usual home economies when it comes to repairs.
It's a Jimny review, except we're biased. Because we love it.
Curious? Next time you're on holiday you should take one for a spin!

"What is a Jimny?" some of you ask. It's the new model version of the Suzuki Samurai and Sierra (which you can only get second hand nowadays) and is the smallest 4WD on the market (and we think: the most fun).