Largest sized luggage
in the rear storage?

by Radek

Hiring our Jimny in Iceland

Hiring our Jimny in Iceland

We are renting a Jimny in iceland for 3 days and I'm slightly concerned.
With rear seats up what is the largest luggage that can fit. We would have a one piece 34cm x 80cm x 50cm. Would that fit? Could you give us the rear storage dimensions? Width depth at floor and depth from top of the seats to rear door would be appreciated.


Hi Radek,
I measured the rear storage area and it was approximately 25x95x52cm - being conservative as the depth of the rear is variable due to the angle of the rear seats when fully upright, and the rear door has various bulges on it. The maximum depth of the rear area, at the floor level, is 31cm approx.

At the top of the seat (not the headrest) is only a little bit more than 25cm depth because it faces the rear window rather than the bulging inner plastic of the door. (The picture near the bottom of the Does The Pram Fit In The Jimny? page, in the "So What Is the Stowage Capacity?" section is at an angle that makes it look like the top of the seat is facing the plastic bulge, but it doesn't).

So to answer your luggage question - no it won't fit, you may have to fold a rear seat down.

Wow, Iceland, I'm jealous. Sounds fantastic, have a great time for us whatever you decide!

If you have any pics of the Jimny in Iceland, please send them in!


Update on the Trip
Our Family trip to Iceland was incredible and my experience with the little Jimny was more then I expected.

After reading many bad reviews I found the Jimny to be surprisingly better then expected.

It is full of character, the back seat space is just fine, and ride quality was better then expected and it has the feel of go anywhere.

Your information regarding the back space was dead on and we managed to fit all our luggage with relative ease. Furthermore we found a few surprises such as you can fold the front seats down in such a way that with the rear bench it creates a very nice sleeping arrangement for 2 adults, the visibility is just amazing and even though it is a little switchy on bumpy surfaces it reacts to steering input like a sports car.

Further more we where able to get to many places larger and heaver 4x4 couldnt, that included a highland road that went by a drop and anything larger would never make it through.
River crossings was like a walk through the park and driving on a black beach with ice particles a real pleasure. There were a lot of other 4x4 but none had the courage to go to beach, just the jimny.
Since it's light weight it managed not to sink like one huge Ford 4x4 that was just too heavy. We are going to Costa Rica next week and the Jimny is our choice for Rental. Attached are some pictures.



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in the rear storage?

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What a great holiday!
by: Bek (

Radek, those pics are fantastic!
Great pic of the lone Jimny on the Icelandic beach.
You have a beautiful family too... here's to more Jimny holidays!

So, did the suitcase fit ?
by: Simanta

LOL - Just trying to get the specifics as we are in the same situation and I am on the verge of changing the Jimny to a Polo... Dis the suitcase of 34cm x 80cm x 50cm fit the JImny in the trunc ? Ours is a bit thinner, 27cm instead of 34cm.

And yes, we are putting up a carseat for our 3 yrs old in the back and she likes someone in the back, so we can't fold the backseats!

Luggage 27x80x50cm fit?
by: Bek (

Hi Simanta,

I think Radek adjusted his luggage arrangements to fit the rear (or he folded a rear seat down) as the original 34x80x50cm dimensions could only fit if he folded a rear seat down. As for your dimensions, the most concerning is the 27cm width.
The smallest space between the bulge in the rear door and a rear seat is 25cm at the bottom of this page, and as your luggage height is only 2 cm shorter than the height of the rear seat to the trunk floor, it's likely that your luggage is still too wide. If your luggage is a soft bag, you may get away with it, but in a hard case it's not likely. Sorry! Please let us know how you go!
Warm regards,
Bek :)

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