To Buy or Not To Buy?

by Todd Pullen
(Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines)


My wife and 3-year old daughter will be moving to the Philippines in 2015, and are planning on buying a brand new automatic 2015 Jimny. I have seen all the YouTube videos, so I have my own idea of it's off-road capabilities, but there is some concern about it's use around-town as a family car. To be honest, we are not "off-roaders" (I just like the idea of owning a small 4x4), but sometimes the roads in the Philippines are incomplete or flooded, and you can suddenly find yourself driving your family through some mildly "rough" terrain, where a Toyota Corolla would likely struggle. And, in most Philippine towns, there is very little in the way of parking spaces!

As far as customization goes, I was planning on putting a bull-bar on the front, some running boards on the side, and painting it gold instead of stock-silver (see photo attached). When the original tires wear out, I would get some rain tires or maybe even all-terrain tires (no suspension lift).

I am the only driver in the family, and we would be retired, so the main mission of the Jimny would be taking my daughter to school, shopping in town, and sight-seeing around the islands. I also want something that is fun to drive! My main concern about the Jimny is the wobble, the miniscule rear seat, and the wisdom of choosing this as our only family car. Any words of wisdom would be carefully considered before making a purchase. Thank you!

Todd E. Pullen

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