Hi, I just bought a Jayco campervan. It is a very small one with only 1 side having a pullout bed. The other side doesnt have an opening. The Tare rating is 395 and Agg. 662. I dont know if it is braked or unbraked. I have a 2006 Jimny. I towed it from the sellers house which was about 40 minutes away.
I could certainly feel it but didnt think it was bad. Im now wondering am I completely mad!!! Should I have bought it and do you think my Jimny will be able to pull it. Any help would be great. Love this page by the way! Thanks.

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by: Nigel

Hi Peggy,
I believe that the 2006 model Jimnys do not have ABS brakes (the manual will tell you this). With the introduction of ABS on Jimnys, the towing capacity increased to 1300kg (braked). All trailers over 750kg (Tare) are required to have brakes.
Since the TARE weight (the weight of your trailer empty) is already 395kg that is 45kg over the LEGAL limit.
If you have brakes on the trailer, then you can pack 55kg of stuff in it and be all sweet in the eyes of the Law.
However, I do not know any driver who has been pulled over and forced to prove the weight of the vehicle and trailer. But a well-informed officer of the law will know and can read all information about towing capacity from your vehicle's owners manual and compliance plate. Especially in the case of an accident.

You need to make the best decision for your safety, peace of mind and of course, driving experience. Good luck!

Jimny with ABS
by: Peggy

Thank you Nigel. Really appreciate your wealth of knowledge. My Jimny actually does have ABS. I only know this as the light went on my dshboard the other day and am bringing it to a garage tomorrow to get fixed!! So, does that mean I am pretty safe to tow this campervan?

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