Overheating after 350km

by Diana

I have a 2008 automatic Jimny and I regularly do a 400km drive. The car goes well until around the 350km mark when it starts to overheat badly and I have to nurse it to my destination. Two different mechanics have checked it over and say they can find nothing obviously wrong. It has been tested for its head gasket and that is intact. Any ideas what could be causing this problem?

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Engine internal sludge
by: rayzza3

Sounds like internal engine sludge build up .this happens on old diesel engines especially Nissan 4x4 's because they run quite cool so the oil does not get to operating temp and sludge's. the cause is usually the engine thermostat. So flush engine with flushing compound from auto pro spares shop, change thermostat and get original type!!
hope this helps Rayzza3

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