Jimny and Campy in North England and Scotland

by Jens Stahlschmidt
(Carlisle, Cumbria, England)

Mr.Jimny and Campy

Mr.Jimny and Campy

Got an 07 Jimny and bought a second hand caravan, Campy, this summer. Permitted maximum loaded weight of Campy is 1000Kg.

All sorts of people had told me that Mr.Jimny would be no good for towing Campy. Well we proved them wrong; it works well and poses no problem at all. I agree that on some steep hills Mr.Jimny is puffing and panting a bit, even down to first gear, but on the other hand wet muddy fields have not managed to deter us.

So far we have been on trips all over North England and South Scotland and next year will see us roaming even further afield.

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What a great duo!
by: Bek

Jens, what an inspiration.
Just goes to show that not having the biggest and best won't stop us from enjoying what the world has to offer.
We look forward to pics and stories of 'further afield'!
Especially the reactions of people to Mr. Jimny and Campy there :)
Can you tell us more?

Coming clean about the team!
by: Jens

My wife thinks I like the dogs more than her, no comment...
Mr.Jimny is really Meg's doggy den, I have hardly ever used the rear seats. Meg is also my camping companion, so the team is actually Mr.Jimny, Campy, Meg and myself.
Rosie is only an occasional visitor.
My wife and children refuse to sit in Mr.Jimny because they are frightened to dirty their clothes in him.

Greetings Jens

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