Child safety?

I cannot find an NCAP rating for the Jimny.

We are looking at a Jimny for my husband's car primarily, but we may use it as a back up car if we need to with our four year old Daughter.

Is there any safety information on performance in a crash?
Thank you

Hi Angie,

Yes, we have this page discussing Jimny safety ratings, however the information is from tests done years ago, and on older models.

As far as I'm aware there is no recent safety testing done.

Good luck with your choice. It can be a real dilemma.
I know that when we started this website and our family, we had no choice but to stick with our beloved Jimny, until I crashed it (which we walked away from). Since then, we have borrowed cars from family, saved up and bought a Toyota Prado - with fantastic safety specs and space for our two children.

We still love the Jimny but since given a choice for our children, Nige and I chose a different car for our family run-around. But things like space were also a consideration.

For a second car, like in your situation, we would consider the Jimny for Nige, but we are not a two car family yet.

However, as safety is your concern, please note the lack of positive and recent safety data. As with any purchase, buyer beware!

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