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I’ve had my JIMNY for over 10yrs - brilliant car! Now I’m a new Grandmother with a 3 month old child, I would appreciate a recommendation of a good child FORWARD FACING car seat used by other Jimny parents that I can buy. Kiddicare did not recommend one for the Jimny.

Hi Sheila,
We don’t make any product recommendations on this site but are happy to share our experiences and what we’ve used.

We have a Britax Safe ‘n’ Sound Meridian AHR seat that we used both rearward and forward facing in the Jimny. Even after our crash, we still use it in the grandparents truck just fine (which we’re borrowing until we get a new car).
We really liked that there was hardly any movement with the infant seat in the Jimny.
The grandparents have an infant seat in the centre back seat of their Subaru Liberty and that baby seat moves around a fair bit. This I believe is due to the centre placing that’s the problem – the middle of the rear seating is raised compared to the two recessed passenger seats on either side, and the seat belt is only a single lap belt. There are none of these issues in the Jimny.

Having done a quick Google check (“jimny baby seat”) there are some forums where members have happily had their children in a Jimny but I saw only one baby seat (Graco) at forums (photos since taken down).

Nige’s brother has a Jimny and he uses a Go Safe Terino for his 3 year old, that fits well. They’ve only ever used it forward-facing in the Jimny. It’s a very basic seat – not much padding, but they’re happy with it.

I doubt that there are any baby car seats that are ‘best’ for the Jimny, so try fitting a couple in yours before buying. Good luck!

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