2019 Jimny towing an Avan Sportliner CL.

by Michelle

I have been happily weekend holidaying with my rig for 3 years. This week I decided to get the complete weigh check done as a preparation for the Tow Ed course I had booked in. I am now in a predicament with the ball weight results in living in a world full of caravan gurus all with differeing opinions. All Weights were well within the compliance for both Jimny and Avan except for the TBM.
Turns out the Jimny has a maximum TBM 75kg. NOT MUCH! This had never been pointed out to me as important, salesmen only every say that the Jimny "tow capacity "is 1300.My Avan TBM weighed in at 109kg which was 34kg too much. It was suggested I take the 2x 4.5 kg gas bottles and the jockey wheel brace off the front drawbar and "put them somewhere else"(where exactly?) and move any heavy items to the back behind the single axel. I ditched the microwave long ago it was not in the equation, and there was very little that I could move to made a difference.
Could I put a 20ltr jerry of water on the back bumper to counter some weight? The space will get me there because with the spare tyre mounted in the middle, the jerrycan/box might cover the tail lights.
I guess my question is, does 30+ extra kilos on the Jimny tow ball make this vehicle combination unsafe, that is do I need to get a lighter van/camper.
I have been so happy with my Jimny's performance with the Avan up until I got this new TBM information.Am I unnecessarily worrying?

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by: Bek

Hi Michelle,
I am no expert so all I do, as a lay-user, is just to keep track of how my Jimny and camper-trailer are going, as I am in a similar situation. If you go through this website you might see that our camper trailer was also heavy for our Jimny but both are surviving.

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