2006 Jimny and home made camper trailer

by Zukenutter

Rig in tow

Rig in tow

This is my second Jimny, it's a 2006 VVT with a couple of mods.
Our camper is an OzTrail tent attached to a trailer I custom built to suit the OzTrail and match the wheel track of the Jimny. It has been built light with 1.3L in mind. I've slowly been adding bits to it, like the fridge/jerry can holder, 60L water tank, and am working on making it a flip top for ease of packing and unloading.

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Nice work
by: Nige

G'day Zukenutter,
nice work, nice rig.

Do you mind telling us the weight of your camper trailer and it's affect on the Jimny's road manners?

Our camper was probably too big for the poor Jimny.

Love the huge awning...

Trailer weight
by: zukenutter

The trailer itself originally weighed 150kg although I've added about 30kg with the water tank, stabiliser legs and jerry can holder. The OzTrail is 96kg, so the total would be close to 280kg. We usually carry 60L-80L of water (60-80kg) and about 100kg of food and camping gear, so the total when packed would be about 460kg.

The trailer is purposely well balanced with a ball weight of only about 10-15kg, so the effect on handling is minor. I've put a fair bit of effort into getting the gearing set up perfectly so it will happily sit on 110km/hr all day long except for long steep hills. Braking is reasonable but I allow plenty of space just to be sure.

jimny gearing for heavy loads
by: Anonymous

hi mate, iam looking at doing something similar with the trailer and all but with a boat, you mentioned that you worked the gearing so that it would sit smoothly on 110km on freeways etc, i' am just wanting to know what that involved?? plus cost? and did that effect the 4wd gearing much?? my mechanic keeps telling me to supercharge the jimmy but i really couldn't care about that stuff if its not needed. i'd really like to get away from revving the jimmy at 4000rpm whilst sitting on 100.
thanks for your time

by: Anonymous

Jimnys like to rev. If you don't like your highway revs just put some taller tyres on. Problem with this is you'll have no power especially on hills. When I say I've fixed the gears I mean back to stock revs at speed.

Tyres and rims
by: Benmorven8

HI great looking setup you have achieved.
Question ,what size tyres are you running on your vehicle and are you having any problems with the weight of spare wheel on your rear door ?

by: Anonymous

I'm running 30x9.5r15 BFG KM2. They scrub the guards a bit on big bumps, I really need a little guard trimming.

I have extended my spare mount to clear the bumper and make room for the trailer hitch. This causes extra vibration, but I think this size tyre on a stock mount would be ok.

Gearbox and towing
by: Anonymous

Is your jimmy a manual. Im wondering how the auto tows in a jimmy. If it gets to hot. That is brown burnt smelling oil after towing.

by: Anonymous

No mine's a manual. I don't like autos.

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