The Motor Report, Nov 2009, Jimny Sierra rated 5/5!

The Motor Report review

The Motor Report review

In more than one way this is the best review we've come across. Can you believe it! 5 stars! And after a very comprehensive testing and report.

The Motor Report review of the 2009 Suzuki Jimny Sierra automatic, is one of the lengthiest and thorough on the net.

To quote the introduction:

"SOMETIMES IT'S THE SIMPLE THINGS in life we enjoy the most. Case in point: the Suzuki Jimny Sierra.

It’s existed in fundamentally the same compact two-door layout since 1970. And although today’s third-generation model is far less utilitarian than its ancestors, we’d be way off the mark if we said the current Jimny was cutting edge.

It’s anything but refined, but curiously that’s part of its appeal.

We spent a week with an automatic-equipped Jimny to assess the pros and cons; by the seventh day - after resting and surveying our handiwork (and lo, it was good) - we didn’t want to hand the keys back.

We’ll explain why."

And explain they 2,200 words.

The review is so comprehensive that other reviews are hard pressed to come up with something different to say.

Don't assume the 5 star rating means that the TMR team were soft on the Jimny. They pretty much zeroed in on every flaw and short-coming that the Jimny has, not that you would need a magnifying glass to do that! But after all the analysis, they still gave it their full tick of approval. You should read it to see why.

There is one question in the review that goes unanswered - "you have to wonder why so many Jimnys sold in this country spend their lives on city streets" given they're not a great buy for their on-road performance. Maybe someone can answer that in the comments?

Finally, the best thing about the review is the readability. If you want people to read 2,200 words, you've got to keep it interesting. So kudos to The Motor Report for the effort!

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