Suzuki Jimny Reviews

Reading a Suzuki Jimny review is a bit like having to get bad news about those we love, such as:

  • School Reports.
  • Medical diagnoses.
  • Band break-ups.
  • Expensive new mud tires don't fit under the guards.

It can all be too hard to digest.
But you can't run from the truth, for that is the path of later disappointment, despair and angst.

So in the interests of having a well-rounded view, we have tried to dig up all the Suzuki Jimny reviews that are currently floating around. Brace yourself! Some are quite unkind.
In general, the reviews fall into three categories:

  • Haters
  • Lovers
  • Hypnotised by the Jimny mojo (wanted to hate, but couldn't)

A most interesting aspect of the Hater reviews, is the amount of comments and replies that rush to Jimny's defence. Nobody likes to see Jimny get picked on...that's mojo for you!

You may agree with any of the reviews or not, but let us know with a rant or an opinion of your own what you think.
Or if you find one, feel free to post it.

And remember, just like your pets or children, nobody will love your Jimny as much as you!

A Note On The Reviews
All of our review pages have links to the original articles and we include a little summary of the article.
In every 'review-of-a-review' (r-o-a-r!) we present, you are getting our opinion of the review, other visitors opinions in comments, as well as an idea about the original review, and a link to the review to read more.
We are trying to add value to the original information.
These r-o-a-rs(!) use some text of the original articles as "fair use" for the purpose of discussion/education about the reviews, especially as there are 'groups' of reviews (haters, lovers, mojo-mesmerised) The brief descriptions and the titles of the pages mean you can choose what information you want to read about the Jimny.
We chose to present reviews this way because we thought it looked less spammy than a bunch of links to other sites with no description of what you were in for.
We hope you enjoy reading!

Post A Review Of The Suzuki Jimny

Everyone's got an opinion - so let's get opinions on the opinions.
Just post the review you've found and add your own thoughts.

Make sure you include:

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The Reviews

Do you agree or disagree?

Donovan Kirkwood - owner review - April 2012 
Donovan's 18 month test of his 2011 Jimny resulted in a long and personal blog tribute to his rugged little work vehicle. He's not trying to sell …

First MoT test 2008 - 89% pass - from 
Ok, so after reading all about how safe a second hand Jimny is , you're probably in the mood for some good news. The consumer champion …

The Motor Report, Nov 2009, Jimny Sierra rated 5/5! 
In more than one way this is the best review we've come across. Can you believe it! 5 stars! And after a very comprehensive testing and report. …, 1998-2011 Suzuki Jimny Reviews, rated 4.6/5 
The best reviews are from users. They know the details that can make or break a product experience. And the benefit of the website …, 1999,
"Jimny 3 Door Wagon"
The GoAuto review of the "Jimny 3 Door Wagon" is a very long, very thorough, and fair description of Suzuki's mini 4WD. The review …

RACQ website, July 2008, Suzuki Jimny Sierra 
The RACQ review of the Suzuki Jimny Sierra articulates well the reason that people may love or hate our favourite mini 4WD: "Jimny is less than …

CarAdvice website, July 2008, Suzuki Jimny Sierra rated 3/5 
The impression I get from the Jimny Sierra review , was that the reviewer liked the Jimny and was willing to put it in a positive light, for all its …

NRMA Motoring, January 1999, Suzuki Jimny JLX Automatic 
If you're interested in details and don't believe in scores or grades, you'll enjoy the NRMA review of the Suzuki Jimny JLX automatic , written in a research …, January 2010, Suzuki Jimny rated 4.5/5 
Finally a review that speaks our language! The CarShowroom review of the 2010 Suzuki Jimny is a long read but it's fair and kind to our favorite 4WD. …, Suzuki Jimny Sierra SUV rated 2/5 
Car Verdict no longer exists, however the review was actually very helpful, with it's pros and cons angle for each aspect (performance, engineering, styling …

The Haters 
Ok there are actually two reviews here, the Road Test of the Suzuki Jimny 1.3 JLX and then the Overall Verdict of the Suzuki Jimny . The Road Test …

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