RACQ website, July 2008, Suzuki Jimny Sierra

RACQ review

RACQ review

The RACQ review of the Suzuki Jimny Sierra articulates well the reason that people may love or hate our favourite mini 4WD:

"Jimny is less than two-thirds the cost of its nearest competitor. Which begs the question: is it two-thirds the car? In some ways, yes, other ways, no."

The short review does a fair job of listing the good and bad points, but doesn't provide any rating for the car.

Overall, the RACQ concedes that "shortcomings or not, we think it's a good thing that there's still a 4WD at this price in this day and age" and that the car "does stand out from the crowd" of recreational 4WDs.

The RACQ review doesn't say whether the Suzuki mini SUV is value for money, rather that it's a good thing that there is a cheap 4WD category.

So while the review does pose an interesting question - whether the buyer is in for two-thirds of what you could get - the review actually doesn't satisfactorily answer it's own question.

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