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The best reviews are from users. They know the details that can make or break a product experience. And the benefit of the website is that more than one user has posted their Jimny experience, broadening the range of information for the prospective buyer (or hirer).
So the various Jimny user reviews are very helpful and in half of the cases, very detailed.

However, the thing about user review sites is that usually people who are passionate (as in, love or hate) will post a review.
And if someone has invested a large sum of money into something (such as 20K!) then that person will usually look at their purchase in the positive. Just one of the many ways our brains play tricks on us.
So while the user reviews are helpful, they are biased!
Even one unsatisfied customer (who would not buy another Jimny again), coul not bring himself to score the Jimny lower than 3 stars out of 5!

Owners on any review site consistently rate their Jimny quite high compared to the 'expert' reviewers. Take a look at the Fifth gear review versus reader comments and you'll see how passionate/biased? Jimny owners can be.

Why? It's the Jimny mojo at work. Some users call it "personality", "the little 4WD that can", "fun and funky", but they've all been hypnotised by the mojo.

Despite all this, there is a lot of detail in a user review that you can't get from an 'expert' review, no matter how thorough the drive test, so it's worth taking a look at the site.

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