NRMA Motoring, January 1999, Suzuki Jimny JLX Automatic

NRMA review

NRMA review

If you're interested in details and don't believe in scores or grades, you'll enjoy the NRMA review of the Suzuki Jimny JLX automatic, written in a research report style.

There's a lot of detail about what's under the bonnet, so the NRMA reviewer has done the homework. Unfortunately the resulting report felt like the Jimny User Manual and specs spun into something more engaging - although the selected specs and build facts in the article would be highly relevant to a potential buyer.

The actual user experience of the reviewer is only one-third of the report, and is reproduced below:

"Front brake discs and rear drums ... bring the Jimny to a stop in a reasonable distance, although they are prone to lock-up easily if too much pressure is applied...

The scene from behind the controls of the Jimny is familiar, the layout being consistent with most Japanese built cars. Although there is plenty of head room in the front, the leg room is limited and the cabin area quite claustrophobic. I found the liquid crystal odometer/tripmeter difficult to see both in the daylight and at night. The gear selector is positioned well back and when this is coupled with a tall driver, the left leg constantly rests against the overdrive button on the side of the lever.

Accommodation in the rear is very cosy with seating for two only. Although head room is adequate, leg and shoulder room is minimal, catering only for small adults or children...

The on-road performance of the road test Jimny was mediocre. I found it sluggish on take-off and it struggled to maintain freeway speeds on uphill grades. The automatic transmission was hesitant on full throttle downshifts adding to its overall lacklustre performance.

The off-road performance of the Jimny was up to the standard of previous Suzuki off-roaders, although limited in some situations by its low power and poor engine braking with the automatic transmission."

So, fair enough, it mentions similar points of disappointment as other reviews (the size and on-road performance) with some new points (odometer visibility, braking for the automatic) that we can't disagree with.
The selected specs and build facts were quite positive so we feel that the review was quite balanced.
In fact, for an insurance company, the review was very informative rather than 'salesy' (for example the car buying website did a review that sounded like a brochure) so two thumbs up for this review.

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