GoAuto.com.au, 1999,
"Jimny 3 Door Wagon"

GoAuto.com.au Jimny Review

GoAuto.com.au Jimny Review

The GoAuto review of the "Jimny 3 Door Wagon" is a very long, very thorough, and fair description of Suzuki's mini 4WD.

The review references the Suzuki Sierra, and so the Jimny is viewed favorably compared to the Sierra.

As most of the reviews say, the Jimny is only 'adequate' for highway driving, but adds that it is great for sand dunes.

Also that it's ladder frame is strong and rigid for off-road terrain but that it's suspension still feels too choppy on-road. But that despite it's height, the Jimny's "understeer and body roll never assuming chronic proportions".

Some of the more useful observations made (which make this a quality review) include:

"One drawback is that access to the rear seats is possible only from the passenger side as the driver's seat does not slide forward."

"The Jimny is a reasonably accomplished performer on sealed roads, eclipsed only by the Daihatsu Terios, which is built on a car- based monocoque chassis.

Jimny's performance and ride/handling balance are adequate around town, while its off-road ability is exceeded only by the Lada Niva among its direct rivals. "

And finally, based "on its overall strengths, the Jimny would have to be rated the best buy in the sub-$20,000 four-wheel drive segment."

In general, a fair and thorough review of the Jimny, with the author showing a real knowledge of the car and the market, with helpful comparisons.

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