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First MoT article

First MoT article

Ok, so after reading all about how safe a second hand Jimny is, you're probably in the mood for some good news.

The consumer champion managed to get their hands on the Ministry of Transport (MoT) test results and, after a long and hard slog!, turn it into valuable information and recommendations.
The MoT test is an annual UK test for vehicles over three years old, covering safety, roadworthiness and emissions aspects.

So what did they find?
For the First MoT test, a 2008-registered Suzuki Jimny is likely to pass in 89% of 2008 Jimnys tested. This put it in the top 5 of 2008-registered models that had more than 1000 tests. The top pass rate for this group was 90%.
The first MoT test is important as it is the first time the car is independently tested.
Drilling down to where the test failures occurred, there was

  • 3.5% fail on Lighting and signalling (62% better than other 2008 cars),

  • 1.7% fail on Axles (674 times worse that other 2008 cars),

  • 1.1% fail on Swivel joints / housing (1050 times worse that other 2008 cars),

  • 0.61% fail on King pins (1350 times worse that other 2008 cars),

  • 0.23% fail on Service brake performance (4 times worse that other 2008 cars),

  • 0.46% fail on Hub components (63% better than other 2008 cars), which included 0.31% fail on Brake pads (73% better than other 2008 cars),

  • 0.15% fail on Leaks (9 times worse that other 2008 cars),

  • 0.31% fail on Tyres (94% better than other 2008 cars)
So in general, the 2008 Jimny is worse than others in suspension, and better than others on tyres and lights/signals. Is this a surprise? This describes to us a light, bare bones little vehicle...sounds like the Jimny!

Moving away from the 2008 model, looking at the overall data for the Jimny models since 1998, the car achieves a 70.7% pass rate for all tests (not just the first MoT).
In fact for every year, the Jimny consistently performed better than the average of all cars in the MoT tests.

We have to give a huge thumbs up to for making sense out of a massive dataset, and turning it into useful information. The amount of detail that they offer about these vehicles' MoT tests is very admirable, especially as it's free. A big thank you to them for the resource.

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