Donovan Kirkwood - owner review - April 2012

by Donovan Kirkwood
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Donovan's 18 month test of his 2011 Jimny resulted in a long and personal blog tribute to his rugged little work vehicle.

He's not trying to sell you the car, just making sure you don't over-expect (which isn't likely with even one glance at it) or under-value it (a more likely danger).

While he gives a thorough answer to the question "can this tiny, cute caricature of a Jeep actually be a serious work vehicle?", kudos must be given for trying to be balanced and fair. Because his passion definitely shows.

Our favorite insight? "...this isn't anything like most serious off-road vehicles. It's not a truck turned into a car. It's more like a super quad-bike with a light body. After living with this car for a while, it's clear that every design decision aims to keep overall mass way down so that lighter engine, suspension and running gear can be used."
Which partly explains the Jimny's cute and babyish looks.
By the way, a small part of the review is a response to someone google-searching "Is the Jimny a girl's car?", which got a reaction from this 6+ foot "manly and hirsute" South African conservationist!
Which brings us to an interesting question...
Do you think it could look a bit tougher?
Maybe have some V-shaped detailing across it's bonnet, looking like a frown?
Or maybe some angry colours, like 'waspy' orange or 'poison frog' black and yellow?
Maybe the side mirror "ears" could look more streamlined and less cartoony?

Anyway back onto Donovan's review - he says
"Professional motoring journalists unvaryingly value power, acceleration, speed and luxurious comfort." which would easily explain the bias of the Hater reviews the Jimny gets.

We enjoyed his review for the new insights and responses to criticisms people have had to the Jimny. It is also the only review we've seen that is so thorough while so personal.

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