, Suzuki Jimny Sierra SUV rated 2/5

CarVerdict review

CarVerdict review

Car Verdict no longer exists, however the review was actually very helpful, with it's pros and cons angle for each aspect (performance, engineering, styling etc).

The review also doesn't feel like it's comparing the Jimny to more luxurious, larger, expensive cars. Rather, it seems to consider the Jimny within it's own category - so no potshots at the 'plastic fantastic' for example.

Compared to the Top Gear review, it is much more helpful (no exaggerated pogo-stick comparisons) but much less amusing (no exaggerated pogo-stick comparisons).
It does lack economics information in the "Buying and Owning" section though. There is no comment about the amount of maintenance required, although fuel economy is mentioned in the "Performance" section.

A very good review of the Jimny. We can't fault any of the points made, although there was no mention of the Jimny mojo.

Best point made?
"Ride and Handling
Shines in rough off-road conditions, this ain’t no soft roader scared to get its boots dirty; the handling is no where near as scary as one might think (it helps that the Jimny’s track is wider than it’s body – check out the pumped out wheelarches).

Not so good:
However the tall body, and narrow width ensures on road handling isn’t great; jerky on-road ride, vague steering."

The ride and handling is the Suzuki Jimny's biggest issue (apart from it's size but it's smallness is also it's selling point), and the CarVerdict review does a good job of Buyer Beware information.

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