, January 2010, Suzuki Jimny rated 4.5/5 review review

Finally a review that speaks our language! The CarShowroom review of the 2010 Suzuki Jimny is a long read but it's fair and kind to our favorite 4WD.

"Car Showroom enjoyed a week behind the wheel of the entry-level manual Jimny and to be honest we found it hard to fault. It doesn't pretend to be a luxury full-size SUV, as sold by manufacturers from every corner of the globe, and when you combine its off-road competence with that pricing?well, we 'get it'.

In a nutshell, Car Showroom understands the Jimny's market, the no-frills drivers who need a fart-box to get from any-A to any-B. Luxury styling is wasted on us - this car will have to share the knocks from the lives we lead.

"Before considering a Jimny you have to 'get it'. This is a vehicle for major off-road action that does present some compromises for everyday city driving."

Amen! Thank you Car Showroom for delivering a review that has an understanding of the bigger picture when it comes to cars. To each, his wheels.

I do have questions for fellow Jimny enthusiasts though:

Other than the off-road adventure, does anyone really care about how hard the on-road drive is?

Once we?re in the city, we?re not exactly cruising around in the Jimny just for the pleasure of the road are we? I mean, we belong outside - in the bush - and once we leave the fun stuff, the car becomes a mere transport convenience while we focus on our daily to-do lists, right?

And does this point of view depend on how old you are?

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