CarAdvice website, July 2008, Suzuki Jimny Sierra rated 3/5 review review

The impression I get from the Jimny Sierra review, was that the reviewer liked the Jimny and was willing to put it in a positive light, for all its faults.

I say this because he emphasised the fun and uniqueness of the car over its practicality, and he admitted to being too kind on the Jimny.

His position was from a "you get what you pay for" standpoint, and the fact that he had a good time with such a cheap car impressed him. The Jimny's mojo had worked, and gained another fan!

"This is the sort of car you can get in, any time, any where and drive to where ever it is that you want to go. It's comfortable, easy to drive, can go off-road when it needs to and most importantly, it has a lot of character, perhaps that's its best selling point. It didn't bore me like most other cars in its price range."

While the reviewer does concede that it might not be for everyone, it's worth considering: "If you're thinking about buying say a Toyota Corolla, Mazda3, or maybe even a Mazda2, do yourself a favour, go check out the Suzuki Jimny Sierra."

So what is it about the Jimny mojo that's so powerful?
Is it that it's so much like a toy car that it brings out our 'wheeeeee! whiz-bang!' inner child?

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